FREE Summer Camp for Kids 2013 at your local Apple Store

At Apple Camp, kids ages 8-12 learn how to shoot their own footage, create an original song in GarageBand on an iPad, and put it all together in iMovie on a Mac. This free workshop, held at Apple Retail Stores, spans three days and ends with campers debuting their masterpieces at the Apple Camp Film Festival. Space is limited and workshops fill up quickly, so sign up now for a super-creative adventure.*

Day One (1.5 hours)
Get an introduction to the basics of moviemaking, including creating a storyboard.
Create an original soundtrack by making a song in GarageBand on an iPad.
Prepare for shooting footage outside the store overnight or inside the store at the end of the workshop. On day one, Apple Camp also includes an optional, one-hour Parents Workshop that will focus on using and setting parental controls on the Mac. Registration is not required.

Day Two (1.5 hours)
Get an introduction to iMovie — simple-to-use moviemaking software.
Use a Mac to import and edit collected movie footage, incorporating stills and music.
Create a film. With guidance from Apple Camp Counselors, kids will use iMovie — part of the iLife suite of creativity applications built into every Mac — to create, edit, and produce their films.

Day Three (Saturday morning, 1.5 hours)
Film Festival
Kids will have the opportunity to showcase their movies to invited parents, relatives, and friends. Participation in the festival is optional. Campers can take their completed movies home at the end of day two, if they prefer.

Register by following this link

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