Nova Southeastern Library Days this summer for the Park Group

Nova Southeastern Library is a fantastic library with lots going on for the kids in the summer. I think it would be a great library for us to meet at on Wednesdays this summer. there will be workshops at 12:30 for ages 7 and up on Wednesdays, so we could do that.

there is a cafe if people want a snack or lunch. they have great events on weekends and they have a fun reading program with prizes for the kids. I’m planning to explore with my kids this summer all of the great books at the library. they also have books on CD which my kids love, and leapfrog books and cartridges.

the parking garage does cost $1/hour, which is not bad, but the only disadvantage to meeting at this library. It is located off of University just south of 595.

they kick off the summer reading program this Sunday afternoon with a party. here is the link:

please let me know if you like this idea. if you would rather meet at the west regional library on Broward and Pine island, let me know. I will make the decision based on the replies that I get from you who are interested.

As soon as I find out about when the water play park is open, I’ll let everyone know. please feel free to give me your feedback so I can plan best for everyone.

In Christ,
Pam Dober